Bootstrap vs React What are the differences?

Recently, the latest versions have been minimized by 30% compared to the earlier versions. On the contrary, React offers seamless performance with its reusable code feature, component-based architecture, and lesser DOM manipulation. The best part is that React cuts the need to reload whole web pages while updating data. You lag in the competition if your application or software cannot drive conversions and traffic seamlessly.

  • These code snippets are reusable to other applications, as well as different modules of the application.
  • When you use React you need to import different libraries as per your need.
  • You can get a layout going with it, pretty quickly, and then customize as you want.
  • React established in 2013, is an open-source Javascript library that essentially kept up with my Facebook and an enormous local area of designers.
  • Bootstrap is the most popular HTML, CSS, and JS framework for developing responsive, mobile first projects on the web.
  • It is a frontend framework used to create faster web development.

It is a JavaScript library and was built primarily to enhance client-side development. React is the most widely used library to create SPAs (single-page applications). It is used to improve UI and enhances the client-side experience greatly. Choosing a correct front-end framework is a difficult task for Front-end developers after the client prerequisites are characterized. The advantages of the innovation and upgrade range of abilities to make business development and progressively benefit. With the rising prevalence of Bootstrap, it’s contending great with React and this text could be a relative aide to bootstrap vs react, the two well-known Frontend Frameworks.

The React-based apps incorporate rich user interfaces which means that the developers can offer an everything-on-place system. In addition to this, it comes with UI components like text boxes, buttons, and forms. Besides, as this framework is a Facebook product, it has the capability to offer the best functionalities to the users. Bootstrap is an open-source front-end CSS framework for building mobile-first websites.

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PayPal- The renowned Finance organization used Reactjs to improve the navigational workflows, bookmarks, and initial rendering of their payment gateway application. Both frameworks have their own perks and perils, so connect with our front-end expert to get guidance on building the most viable solution. You’re trying to find a framework that doesn’t require you to change data in the actual structure. This suggests that you can convey to your developer to use React to create a responsive frontend from scratch. However, it is not advised to use this tool for this amount because it is highly likely that things may mix up, resulting in a mess if not handled by top-class professionals.

Do people still use Bootstrap?

In summary, Bootstrap isn't dead. Millions of developers use it. 40,000+ companies use it.

Also, stay amazed by the surprising combination of Bootstrap React. Bootstrap is comparatively slower because of its vast library and unused resources. By implementing more customization, developers can build excellent websites that keep the performance higher. This means that bootstrap can be used as one of the best requirement-specific resources.

Our Dev’s Praise Bootstrap:

In addition to this, there are React folder structure best practices that help the developers to create a perfect file structure for the project. Overall, it is one of the best libraries for creating straightforward and sophisticated commercial applications. Bootstrap is a popularly used mobile-first development framework that is preferred by most developers to create scalable websites and apps. And with the help of bootstrap, one can scale up or down the responsive website content, completely depending on the screen, browser, or app, the client is using.

Any developer who has a basic knowledge of HTML and CSS can use bootstrap for creating a perfect structure for web and mobile apps. And the key to making the development easy is that bootstrap can call classes from HTML, CSS, or JavaScript. This means that the react developers can effectively develop their custom components.

Moreover, Bootstrap allows responsive website content to be scaled up or down based on the user’s browser, app, or screen. The framework’s single universal code eliminates cross-browser problems and compatibility concerns, making it preferred among developers. The user experience is lighter and quicker with React apps, with individual components functioning well. React.Js component-based design makes single-page applications more robust, while reusability reduces code bloat and DOM manipulation speeds up page loading.

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You can quickly prototype and build sites or apps that work on any kind of device with Foundation, which includes layout constructs , elements and best practices. I had to build this iteration of the site fast and by using jQuery I could keep using Django as a full stack development tool. One important point is Django form means that I don’t have to reinvent form rendering again, which will be the case with React.

However, it’d be essential to know and acquire oneself with the CSS classes and the Bootstrap components to make the task easy. Also, it utilizes an entirely different approach than other frameworks, i.e., developing mobile-centric applications, and developers may have to adapt to the new style. React demands an in-depth understanding of choosing the router system, configuration caveats, and problem-solving attitude at various stages of the project lifecycle.

react-bootstrap vs react-strap

Bootstrap comes with an excellent interactive grid system and a single universal code. This code cuts off cross-browser glitches besides facilitating maximum compatibility over various screens and platforms of various sizes. The good news is that websites built with Bootstrap can be scaled easily as per the application, screen, or browser. Bootstrap is the most widely used CSS framework to create mobile-first, responsive design.

bootstrap vs react

In addition to this, the library used here is helpful to make necessary changes to the web pages without making the entire pages reload. This means that React has the capability to eliminate the unnecessary loading of pages. React is a framework that doesn’t have a built-in architecture. It caters to the view layer that comes with various components.


Both Bootstrap and React are close competitors when it comes to designing and customizing the best UI for web applications. While Bootstrap is a template-based frontend framework providing ready-made templates for developing applications, React is a component-based framework. React is easy to learn for those who have experience with Javascript.

bootstrap vs react

Built with compatibility in mind, we embrace our bootstrap core and strive to be compatible with the world’s largest UI ecosystem. As one of the oldest React libraries, React-Bootstrap has evolved and grown alongside React, making it an excellent choice as your UI foundation. Needs to review the security of your connection before proceeding. In terms of market share, React JS is clearly lagging behind, losing to Bootstrap in all segments. See which teams inside your own company are using Bootstrap or React. When I started TipMe, I thought about using React frontend.

Although, with a bad organization, maintaining projects can be a disaster. Community support for React is indeed very big, but Vue.js is also still growing. Component wise, I wouldn’t worry to much about that, writing your own components is also a good tool for learning a language. In addition to the reasons mentioned, the developer pool is significantly larger for React.

Is Bootstrap powerful?

Powerful, extensible, and feature-packed frontend toolkit. Build and customize with Sass, utilize prebuilt grid system and components, and bring projects to life with powerful JavaScript plugins.

React.js, with its component-based structure, renders brilliant performance perfect for developing easy and small-scale user interfaces. On the contrary, Bootstrap offers unbelievable compatibility over multiple platforms, browsers, and screen sizes that is ideal for developing elaborate web apps. You must understand your web development goals to pick the best-suited framework Synchronizing Banner Ads using JavaScript for your business. On the other hand, the app performance that React offers is faster and the user experience is excellent. And this is possible as in React, every component is working in a perfectly functional manner. Besides this, the component-based architecture of this framework enables the developers to create robust single-page applications and remove reusability.

A smart application and website must consider the audience’s demands and future goals to succeed. You can ask your developers to update and audit the security reporting workflows, use a new JavaScript sanitizer, and use a content security policy to alleviate such vulnerabilities. It can be quite challenging sometimes to pick between two ideal front frameworks in an environment when both of them are resourceful and capable of fulfilling your project needs. A software framework is an abstraction in which the software provides generic functionality. This functionality can be selectively changed by additional user-written code.

Reactjs offers important test runners, and with the help of these tools, the development process becomes easy to follow. It reduces the time-to-market, speeds up the deployment of apps, and gives a push to a more productive environment. We use Agile software development with DevOps acceleration, to improve the software delivery process and encourage reliable releases that bring exceptional end-user experience. Now that you have a basic idea about the frameworks, let’s take a closer look at the chief parameters between React and Bootstrap.

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